Delivering You to Your Destination On-Time, Safely, and Securely Every Time

Who We Are & What We Do

ABC Charter Services was established with safety and customer service as its top priority. We offer an affordable transportation service for schools, and various other groups throughout the Mid-South region. With over thirty-five years of experience in the bus transportation industry, we have a wealth of knowledge in managing various transportation operation functions such as safety, driver and terminal management, dispatch and bus routing skills. At ABC Charter Services, safety and customer service is our top priority. 

ABC Charter Services Keys to Success

Our Drivers

ABC’s drivers are experienced, professional, and commercially certified drivers with collectively over sixty years of service.

Our Staff

An office staff that is professional with over twenty years of friendly personalized customer service.

Our Company

A caring company that cares about people and has created uniqueness by promoting itself as a hub for small group travel.

Contact Us

For Reservations or Inquires Call 901-800-2259 / 901-800-2799 / 901-857-5657 / 901-246-5657 or fill out the form below.

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